The Speakers

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Asya Spears is the founder of Rose Data Studio, a data education firm that cultivates a more diverse data workforce by building data literacy skills to enhance collaborations in population health and higher education. Through her research, teaching, and coaching services, Asya advances the statistics, data storytelling, and career design skills of people from all backgrounds who desire to advance equity in the sectors they enter.


Teneika is an engineer by nature, specializing in big data. She helps clients make the most of their data – both technically and strategically. Her mission is to improve access to big data and allow visualizations to serve as the voice of the business. 

Adept at delivering detailed analytical reports, she leverages her tech savviness to create a pipeline of opportunities to pivot into data and tech careers and alleviate the technical assistance gap in entrepreneurship communities by driving growth for women and small businesses.

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 Dr. Thema Monroe-White is an evaluator, instructor, and champion of emancipatory data science. As an Assistant Professor of Data Analytics at Berry College, she researches racial equity in STEM fields, with a special emphasis on information technology, analytics, and data science. She is particularly interested in understanding the innovative pathways that lead to the economic and social empowerment of underrepresented people of color. 


Angela is currently a Data Scientist with Intel Corporation where she focuses on building solutions to optimize supply chain activities. Before Intel, she worked in healthcare and higher education where she has leveraged data visualization and data/predictive analytics for actionable insight to drive decision-making. She earned her doctorate degree in Biomedical Informatics from Rutgers University in 2020, focusing on machine learning approaches to analyze cardiac medical device failures. Angela enjoys spending time with her husband and infant daughter. When she has "some free time" she enjoys exploring hiking trails and playing board games!

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Sia is a perpetual data learner and practitioner from Tanzania who currently works as a data engineer and data engineering curriculum developer. Sia has a special interest in data and analytics engineering because data cleaning and feature engineering are fun puzzles! The dream would be to create or collaborate on a Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) data-driven player development or data literacy initiative sometime in the future. She has also worked with the DataedX group before to produce publicly available data and reporting.


Jazmia Henry seeks to reduce racial and gender bias in sentiment and textual analysis systems through the creation of an African American Vernacular English corpus. She received a Bachelor’s Degree from Tulane University in 2016 and a Masters Degree at Columbia University in 2018. She has a background in statistical analysis, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Econometrics, and Politics. She currently works as a Machine Learning Specialist at Motley Fool and has formerly worked for Morgan Stanley and the Hillary Clinton campaign.