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Mindelyn Anderson

Founder, Mirror Group

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Session Date

September 14, 2024


Session Time


Breakout Session


Mindelyn Anderson, PhD is Founder of Mirror Group, an evaluation, learning, and strategy consulting firm that makes data and information meaningful, accessible and actionable. She founded the company in 2017 and has since grown Mirror Group into a formidable partner supporting foundations, nonprofits, and cross-sector initiatives with government, industry and community at the table.


Mindelyn's happy place is in the art and science of serving as a mirror to reflect where we are (evaluation), what is possible (learning), and how we can get there (strategy) leveraging data for equitable transformation. Feel free to ask her anything about work, life, and everything in between.

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September 14 - 15 2024

Le Meridien Atlanta Perimeter, Atlanta, Georgia

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