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Monique Mills

CEO, TPM Focus

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Session Date

September 14, 2024


Session Time

3:45PM - 5PM ET


In today’s dynamic business landscape, creating a company that generates consistent revenue is just the beginning. The true hallmark of entrepreneurial success is building a business that can be sold for a premium. Gain insights into the critical steps for identifying, nurturing, and capitalizing on business assets that lay the foundation for a lucrative exit.


Monique Mills is a degreed electrical engineer turned serial entrepreneur. With an emphasis on business innovation, she currently serves as the CEO of her strategy consulting firm, TPM Focus, which provides revenue-focused strategies to companies that are starting up or expanding. And she serves as President of her family-owned small-business acquisition company, Focused Innovation Group.


She serves as Mentor, Advisor, Consultant, and Strategic Partner to several entrepreneurial and innovation organizations. With an electrical engineering degree from Rochester Institute of Technology and an MBA from Georgia Institute of Technology, she is an advocate for the diversification of STEM careers, expanded leadership, and equitable entrepreneurial opportunities for women and underrepresented minorities.

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September 14 - 15 2024

Le Meridien Atlanta Perimeter, Atlanta, Georgia

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