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Tsion Sadore

Clinical Operations Manager, Mass General Brigham

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Session Date

September 14, 2024


Session Time

11:30 AM ET

Panel: Clean Up on Aisle AI

We all know that AI isn't designed with us, as Black women, in mind. So what do we do? How do we, with our data skills, expertise, and experiences, navigate this digital era? In this panel, we aim to give attendees the core pieces in crafting our own Black woman's AI engagement guidelines. Hear from data leaders and experts across fields share suggestions on ways for us to advocate for ourselves and interpret data insights to benefit our lives.


Dr. Tsion Sadore is at the forefront of integrating AI into healthcare, currently focusing on software as a medical device. Her career is distinguished by a steadfast commitment to diversity in clinical trials, particularly within AI model validation, to ensure equitable health solutions. Her leadership in research has been marked by a dedication to inclusive study designs that reflect the diversity of patient populations, thus enhancing the reliability and generalizability of medical advancements.


Dr. Tsion Sadore's pioneering efforts in this space have not only led to regulatory approvals but also to the advancement of precision medicine. By advocating for regulatory policies that mandate the inclusion of real-world reflecting cohort groups in clinical trials, she is driving the field towards AI healthcare solutions that are effective and fair for all communities

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September 14 - 15 2024

Le Meridien Atlanta Perimeter, Atlanta, Georgia

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