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Dr. Melissa Ngamini

Choosing Your Upskilling Path


In this small group session, the participants will be able to learn valuable tips about finding the

right Certification or Bootcamp to upskill by focusing on who you are currently, what they want

to achieve and where they want to be in the future. It is a mindful approach to assessing their

options and making a plan.

This session will be divided in four parts:

1. Information about deciding between a certification program or bootcamp instead of

pursuing another degree.

2. Identifying the value of a particular Certification program or Bootcamp in the employers’

eyes (so the student is not wasting their time/money)

3. Vetting the quality of a particular program (because there are so many available)

4. Staying motivated to do the hard work and graduate from the chosen program

There will be time dedicated to Q&A and open discussion.

Dr. Melissa Ngamini
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