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Leveraging Systems as a Solopreneur to Innovate Your Way to Success and Fulfillment

September 23 1:30PM - 3:00PM EST

One of the joyous aspects of entrepreneurship is that you get to make the rules that define the culture of your business and lead to your definition of success. Systems can help you coordinate your weekly, monthly, and quarterly actions to achieve your intended outcomes. In this breakout session, we will be discussing systems you can put in place to best manage the three key areas of revenue, recreation, and relationships to have a successful, healthy business.


We'll start by discussing software and strategies to manage your revenue and cash flow, followed by ideas on making sure you take time to take care of yourself and have some fun along your entrepreneurial journey. Finally, we'll look at cultivating a strong network of relationships that can help you succeed. We'll discuss approaches for networking, building connections, and developing strong relationships that can generate referrals, sustain business partnerships, and even turn into friendships. In the interactive portion of this breakout session, you will choose some of Asya’s business ventures, past and present, to take a deep dive into.


You’ll also have the opportunity to describe the business systems you would use to manage an income stream of your choice. By the end of this workshop, you'll have a better understanding of how to manage your business and become more familiar with resources that can help you succeed.

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